What Matters Now: Free E-Book

The generosity of those who post freely to the Web has long made me feel incredibly fortunate to be living in the Internet age. Best-selling author Seth Godin has just confirmed that generosity with his e-book, What Matters Now.

The authors who contributed to the e-book are familiar names. Each entry is titled with one word, one big idea to take into the new year, to prompt discussion, to initiate change. Some of my favorites:

  • Speaking, Mark Hurst: “Be honest, be authentic, and speak from your passion. Yes, it means taking a risk. But the results might surprise you.”
  • Strengths, Marti Barletta: “Forget about working on your weaknesses—focus on your supporting strengths.”
  • Empathy, Karen Armstrong: “We have it in our power to begin the world again by implementing the ancient principle that is often called the Golden Rule: Always treat all others as you would wish to be treated yourself.”
  • Knowing, Dan Roam: “There is no such thing as boring knowledge. There is only boring presentation.”
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