At the Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna service last Sunday, Kelly Hamilton not only read this poem to us. She printed it in the bulletin, for all of us to take home in our hands as well as in our hearts.

I love the images – the heat of memories cracking through the lava dome of our unsconscious, the solid, sweet jam of preserved pain, the transposition of pain into wisdom.

The photo is by Michael Ryan, courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

by Kelly Hamilton

Lava flow at Krafla, 1984

Lava flow during a rift eruption at Krafla volcano, northern Iceland, in 1984.

The crust on the lava dome cracks
The heat rises
Memories, emotions, trauma
Are shaken free
From the bowels
Of our unconscious
That discomfort
Moves us one way
Or another
Memories seep
Freed to solidify
At the surface
Acknowledge that sweet jam
It has preserved the pain
The burning desire
To transpose
Become comfortable
With our wisdom

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