Janet’s bad hair day

When our good friend, Hylton, sent the e-mail below, I had just been beating myself up over having accidentally ditched a presentation from my computer. (See Pushing On.) The story lifted my spirits so I was delighted when its author agreed to let me post it on Catching Courage.

  1. Horse bad hair day

    Even a horse can have a bad-hair day (Photo from ant.photos' photostream, Flickr Creative Commons)

    On Wednesday morning I awoke feeling disturbed.I felt as though something was in the air!! I put it down to my hair’s needing a trim (only a woman could understand what I mean).  As I didn’t have the car, I walked downstairs and decided to try a new hairdresser who just opened up in our building. I tried desperately to explain to her that I only wanted a TRIM. (She couldn’t speak English.) She popped the cape around my neck, and in an instant two inches of hair dropped onto my shoulders. (My hair was only 3 inches long anyway!) My feeling of disturbance grew!

  2. At lunch time, Garth phoned me to say that he had been told to take a redundancy package. Wow!!……..what a shock to the system!   How was my hard-working and dedicated husband going to cope with this one?
  3. On Thursday at work the accountant advised me to go onto a three-day week because this would be an advantage to us financially in the light of Garth’s redundancy.   I felt hugely apprehensive about approaching the boss, as she could quite easily have said that she would rather have someone younger, working full time, and then, of course, I would be out of work as well!
  4. On Thursday night we contacted our landlord regarding the crisis situation.  He was unable to respond due a renting technicality so we would have no alternative but to leave this beautiful apartment that we love so dearly and look for something cheaper.
Reflecting on God’s ever continuing goodness to us:
  1. My hair is already growing.
  2. Garth has accepted his redundancy with a grateful heart and thanks God for the provision of the government’s “back to work” allowance, which allows him to work part time until he goes on pension in January.
  3. 3. My boss was hugely accommodating and said I could choose whatever hours suited me best. The government will subsidise me for the shorter hours worked. In fact I will be 20 euro’s better off. Thank God for the government and our decision to come here six and a half years ago.
  4. We have found a bigger and more beautiful apartment, still overlooking the harbour, just up the road, at an affordable rate.

The moral of the story:

God has never, ever let us down, although for a while the circumstances may look pretty bleak.

[Cathryn’s note: And I just learned one of the techies at London Drugs has been able to retrieve the presentation. Life is good!]

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1 comment for “Janet’s bad hair day

  1. Hylton Harrington
    March 9, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Oh Cathryn, after all that anguish — well done techie at London Drugs!—-I complained about not having any shoes ’till I saw a man with no feet!—Always someone in a worse situation, eh! I will send you a photograph of my very special relations. H.

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