Thank You

Sterling Haynes isn’t just one of my favorite writers. (See Narrative for Dummies and Momma Does Milk.) He also inspires other people to write.

Donna Powell is one of them. She was in a poetry group he led. He asked the group to write cinquaines. This was Donna’s.

Donna was grateful to Sterling. He helped her tap into her creative center. She wrote this little gem to say thanks.

I really like this poem. Isn’t it what we all want – to be heard? Better yet, to be understood?

Robin and David Jarman

Robin and David are identical twins. Though they've lived apart for most of 41 years, they are still a living metaphor for this poem.

Thank You

©2009 Donna Powell

Someone listened
I was heard
Not only heard, but

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1 comment for “Thank You

  1. Michelle
    March 18, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Top hat’s off to Constance – I hope it matches her tuxedo! I think what is most powerful about this story is that Constance is so humble about the fantastic support she has recieved from her community, while she simply lives her authentic life. When your “normal” is not the “norm” – it does come as a shock and a sting sometimes, when others choose to be judgemental and horrid without even giving you the chance to present yourself. Well done Constance and well done Cathryn for posting about this courageous girl. I think her video shows that she has surprised herself with her own strength – and isn’t it wonderful when that feeling happens to any of us. Constance trusted her inner pilot and has taken off like a Concorde! 🙂

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