Celebrating love

On February 11th, Eva Dien Brine Markvoort recorded the last video entry for her popular blog (see below). Six weeks later, on March 27th, the 23-year-old lost her long battle with cystic fibrosis.

Eva invited the world along on her journey. In her first entry, dated July 15, 2006, she was honest about her frustrations: “I need somewhere to vent. To let go and not always be motivating and inspiring. I need somewhere to let my fears go unleashed… I’m hoping to find someone else who knows what its like to climb the stairs and not be able to breathe and hate the fact that you know your body needs a couple of weeks in the hospital. Someone else who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

The photographs she posted July 24, 2006, show a lively, vibrant, beautiful young woman. The makeup may have masked

Nearly a year after she began her blog, while she was waiting for a double lung transplant, friends Nimisha Mukerji and Philip Lyall decided to film a documentary about her. 65 Red Roses won three awards at the 2009 Vancouver Film Festival.

The transplant came through in 2007. In the aftermath, she was ecstatic.

Guys…..I GET TO GO HOME……FORREVER!!! do you know what means I am so so so excited about it. I’m even eating hospital food now because I now it’s just temorary. Oh and another thing…alll those other problems I was haviing has just stopped. No more nausea, vomiting, itchiness, dizzyness. nothing.

So seriously I just cant get over the fact that I can make plans for the future. I have a FUTURE!!!! Guys I am so brillliantly happy these days I cant even explain. I love you all and am so thankful for everything.

By 2009 her body was rejecting the new lungs. Back on the waiting list, she was hoping for a second transplant. Still beautiful and vivacious in spite of her long ordeal, she wrote in her first post of 2010:

this year has been unbelievably unpredicatable
and yet i still feel lucky
and grateful
and full to the brim
of love.

Less than a week before she died, she wrote of daydreaming about

just getting up
free of tubes and plugs
and walking out the door
pushing open doorways
skipping down the street
breathing free

On March 27th, Eva’s parents posted the news of her death.

Eva is free now. And as long as her family can bear to continue to share her blog with the world, all of us who stumble across it will catch courage from Eva’s jubilant, harrowing, and honest story.

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