Dreams and lessons

Crossroads readers will know that Carol Mason is a new friend. Our introduction is a lovely triangle. I live in British Columbia, Canada. She lives in New South Wales, Australia. A mutual friend in Western Australia introduced us. In this guest post you’ll see why we clicked.

Recently a 16 year old Australian girl, Jessica Watson, had a dream. Just days ago, she completed it. She sailed around the world. Her response “I am not a hero…I had a dream. I worked hard and I accomplished it”. (Despite some initial opposition.)

May we all have a dream. And may we follow it. Mine is that we all come to reassess those animals (fellow beings) whom we use so readily too often. May we look closely at their capacities—which sometimes quite exceed ours.

We value our own intelligence. We have yet to fully appreciate theirs.

Cathryn with Shetland sheep friends at Pioneer Ranch in the heart of British Columbia

We do not understand someone fully until we “get up close”. We have in the western world moved away from that closeness. But we still have access to our domestic animals, and they can teach us many lessons. If we but listen and respond.

And if we then mentally project that understanding to those who are doing their best to live their lives and love their families (which they most certainly do) in their habitats upon which we are encroaching so rapidly, we will then have the beginning of the idea that we need to think much more carefully about the management of this great spaceship Earth.

In understanding those for whom we should be caretakers, maybe our compassion will be increased for all (including our own species) in the expressing.

Carol Mason.

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