Sucking on Stones

© February 2001 Marilyn Raymond

My water bottle is empty
          as I walk through the afternoon heat
And so I slide a smooth, round stone
          into my mouth.


Stones, courtesy of

Holding a river rock
          inside my lips
          I am suddenly shy
                    and flooded with cool, foreign

The dry heat of the afternoon
          as the stone warms
And my mouth moistens
          around its smooth, curved hardness.

Hikers do this,
          I have read,
                    suck on stones.

None mention
          being seduced by wildness
Or feeling centuries
          of river memories
          tumbling through their blood.

The stone is hot
          and moist
When I spit it into my hand
And hold it to my cheek
          like a lover.

I feel naked,
          and visible
                    under the sun.

A little shaken
          and somehow ~ blessed.

[This poem first appeared in Sacred Circle: Writing the Journey, an anthology published by the Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna. Marilyn is also the author of Sunflowers, That Apple, and Baba Yaga.]

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3 comments for “Sucking on Stones

  1. sterling haynes
    June 25, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    A great poem by a multi talented woman. Marilyn’s essays, prose and read like poetry. Marilyn’s ideas and sermons flow around ideas engulfing the reader or listener in a spiritual cornucopia of reflections.

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