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A New Dawn AwaitsE.Dee Conrad is a very welcome guest on Catching Courage today. This is Day 15 of the Virtual Blog Tour for A New Dawn Awaits, her newly released book.

I’m pleased to post this interview here because E.Dee’s experience is outside the scope of my own so opens my world little wider.

The experience of writing A New Dawn Awaits was transforming. When messages started arriving in E.Dee’s mental inbox, she did her best to ignore them. Book writing was not something she aspired to.

She could not ignore the intense pain in her right wrist and forearm. A visit to a friend who is a healer and seer confirmed the messages she had been receiving were a sacred trust. A task had been set for her. She had to complete it.

So in 2007 she began channeling A New Dawn Awaits. Each chapter is one day’s writing, exactly as it was given to her, with minimal editing.

The tone of the teachings is compassionate and encouraging, a reminder that each of us shapes the future. Ultimately, the message is Utopian: “The next higher level of existence is one in which there are no wars, pain or suffering. It is a universe in which peace, balance, harmony and happiness reign supreme. It is a place in which people will look inwardly and not outwardly to find deep satisfaction and peace of being.”

The possibilities Uriel/Uriah and Clarissa describe are a worthy vision. Each chapter is like a small lesson, a shot of inspiration for those who like to begin or end the day with thoughts for contemplation.

Yesterday, E.Dee visited Glenn Smith’s Sensitive Self Help blog.

For today’s stop on the tour, E.Dee responded to my questions on finding the courage to open herself to messages from outside sources. I also wondered how she set aside fear and ego to share those messages with the world.

* * * * *
Cathryn: Although there is considerable interest in channeling, it is still something about which many are skeptical. It takes courage to be this public. What gives you that courage, and how do you respond to skeptics?

E.Dee Conrad

E.Dee Conrad, author of A New Dawn Awaits

E.Dee: We all have intuition. We all have a little voice inside us that pops up at times and tells us we are about to make a mistake or we should have turned off at that last exit. I have just chosen to listen closely to my intuition or inner voice. And as I have seen, my little inner voice is right more often than my brain is!

As far as responding to skeptics is concerned, I don’t get too bothered if people laugh or think I am just “crazy”. As I say, it is not about channeling or the channel. It is about the message. Read the message. If it resonates with you, then take it to heart and if it doesn’t, then disregard it.

Cathryn: In Part III you write about letting go of fear. That’s something you had to do to be able to write this book. How did you find the courage to be open to other spirits and voices flowing through you?

E.Dee: When I channel, I feel an immensely warm, empowering, gentle and loving energy so for me there is nothing to fear. In fact, it is a feeling I look forward to.

Writing A New Dawn Awaits didn’t really take courage so much as determination and perseverance. There were times when I wondered just where this was all leading, but they kept giving me words and sentences that were so beautiful I had to write them down.

Publishing this book took courage because I was really putting myself out there. Just after I completed A New Dawn Awaits, a person I hardly knew said, “If you have been given a message, you have an obligation to put out there and let people decide for themselves.”

Cathryn: How did you keep your own ego out of the way as you wrote the words of Uriel/Uriah and Clarissa and created the book?

E.Dee: I turned off my computer screen and wrote without paying too much attention to the words I heard. 

When I first started writing A New Dawn Awaits, it seemed like the first couple of sentences of each chapter would make me squeal, “What?! I can’t say that!”

Over time, I saw that no matter how outrageous the first sentence was, Uriel/Uriah and Clarissa would manage to support their point in a logical and beautiful way. That’s when I realized I had to “get out of the way” and let the message flow.

Each chapter was written in a day, usually just about 30 minutes. The order the book is in, is exactly the order in which I wrote it. After writing a chapter, I would hit save and turn off the computer with little or no memory of what I had written. The next day, I would open a new page and start writing. I had no active role in organizing themes or topics.

As you read A New Dawn Awaits you can see how it flows and follows naturally from one theme to the next, always building on the framework that preceded it. This shows how much I “got out of the way” and just let them tell their message.

* * * * *
I hope you enjoyed this interview with E.Dee Conrad and that you’ll check out her book A New Dawn Awaits, which is being released on Amazon today. You can receive a collection of over 30 beautiful personal development gifts when you buy her book on the day of her launch.

In addition, E.Dee hosted a telesummit entitled “The Shift. The Message. The Transformation” on September 14th, 15th and 16th with nine of today’s most vibrant authors and speakers on the topic of the consciousness, transformation and the global “shift” occurring on our planet today. You can download the audio at http://spiritauthors.com/pages/edee/new-dawn-awaits-by-edee-conrad.html

If you’ve read E.Dee’s book, let me know how it spoke to you. Have you had any experience with being a conduit for messages from another plane? My mother brought me up to understand that some people slip more easily between planes than others. She was as connected with the spirit world as she was with family and friends. Have you been gifted with such permeable boundaries?

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