You are perfect just the way you are

Surf Dog Ricochet failed as a service dog. She excels as a surfing fundraiser.

A link to the latest video about this special dog arrived on a day I was pondering the suicides of six young Americans. What all of the deaths had in common was that each of the young men had been the target of hatred. Those doing the bullying felt justified because the young men were gay.

I’m sorry Jesus isn’t around to kick up a storm. He’d have something to say about the politicians and ministers who pretend to love him while at the same time hating millions of people for sexual behaviour that is none of their business anyway.

Jesus was a compassionate radical. He would see right through their supposedly Christian politics and ministry and likely give them quite the tongue lashing. That’s what he did with the money changers. They were only doing what a lot of corporate and government leaders of today pass off as business as usual—gouging the poor. Jesus took exception and raised a ruckus.

I think that’s what he’d be doing if he sat in on political speeches or Christian demonstrations where anti-gay rhetoric is some kind of weird badge of honour.

So for all the good people who are being bullied, whatever the excuses of your tormentors, I recommend this beautiful video. You are perfect just the way you are.

And for all of us who witness bullying, let’s stand up to the tormentors. After we face down the homophobic hypocrites, let’s expand our reach to the advertisers who sell stuff to us by making us feel inadequate, to the CEOs who rake in millions while ordinary workers lose jobs and houses, to the corporations who justify destroying the planet with convoluted, bottom-line jargon, to the politicians who care more about re-election than the quality of our lives and future.

There’s an important message of hope in this video: “Every person, every being…is perfect just the way they are! Be true to yourself, be proud! Amazing things can happen when you do!”

As for you bullies, the hopeful message is for you, too, but only when you stop making life miserable for other people.

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2 comments for “You are perfect just the way you are

  1. Tess
    October 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    Thank You Cathryn, from me and in the name of all the other countless, nameless victims who didn’t make it on to the National news…

  2. Michelle
    October 12, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Once again, I am glad to not be in a public place while I read and watch this newest blog entry! The tears flow yet again!!! Thank you for the reminder that we ARE perfect – just the way we are 🙂

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