In a candle’s flame

Robin and I are at an age where we are grateful for every day we wake up healthy. Body parts sag, slow, and wear out. We tire more easily than we did when we were younger. Still, each day offers a full measure of joy. We eat, exercise, socialize, and pursue interests about which we are passionate. Our home is a small condo with a huge view, steps from a wild marsh and a long, traffic-free path along the waterfront. Friends live nearby, and we can walk to nearly everything.

We don’t take our good fortune for granted. We’re missing the company of a good friend in the middle of a long battle with cancer. Another friend has stopped accepting chemotherapy, which wasn’t working, to focus on the quality of however much time remains. Friends are recovering from or waiting for hip, knee and shoulder surgeries. They are dealing with multiple sclerosis and heart problems. The list is long.

Some time back I began a ritual of lighting candles for friends who were ailing, in body or spirit, or who were pinning their hopes on some turn of events. I still do that, sometimes with a real flame, other times in my heart and mind. Last thing each night, before drifting off to sleep, I repeat their names and hold an image of each of them, an image where their bodies, spirits and lives are whole, healthy, and where they want most to be.

My favorite site for lighting virtual candles is’s Light a Candle.


Photo by Scott Feldstein, from scottfeldstein Flickr Photostream

When I just need a quick spirit boost, I know I’ll always find it with Playing for Change.

I’m wondering what others do. Do you have rituals that give you comfort?

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1 comment for “In a candle’s flame

  1. Michelle
    January 20, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I’ve been a recipient of one of those candles – on more than one occasion. Your love and thoughts are continuously felt on the other side of the world. xoxo

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