Reaching for the brass ring

Watching someone reaching for the brass ring always intrigues me. We can ride along comfortably and manage a reasonably satisfying life, but if we dare stretch in the direction of our riskier passions we have to leave the easy path.

Writers, musicians, artists and actors know this. So do athletes and scientists. And so do those who live safely and caution their more daring friends not to extend themselves because they might fail.

Of course, they might also succeed, like 35-year-old Paige Elliot, who wowed the judges on the Australian talent show, X Factor. Reading the faces of men and women in the audience was like seeing lights turn on. First interest and uncertainty, then growing delight and cheers when all three judges gave Paige a resounding, “Yes!”

What makes Paige’s reach for his dream all the more courageous is that he was born in a girl’s body. Female was a poor gender fit for him. Transitioning to a male, he says, “has completely enabled me to become the person and become the artist I am….I had a voice before, but I never felt fully authentic.”

The road to a successful career in music is long and depends on many factors besides talent. However Paige Elliot’s career unfolds, he has taken so many bold steps to reach this audition that he has a far better chance to achieve his goals than most people. He has talent and guts, a team of family and friends who cheer him on, and a supportive girlfriend in California. Now he also has a chance to see how far he can go with his dream.

Good luck, Paige. Your courage will take you far and will make the path easier for those following behind.

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  1. September 5, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Another great new look for your blog, Cathryn. And stories of courage and inspiration are always uplifting. Thanks for sharing this! -Daisy

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