Down…East Hastings Street – Vancouver, B.C.

Regular visitors to Catching Courage will be familiar with the poetry of Sterling Haynes, who writes with both humour and compassion. 

Anyone who has walked the grey streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will understand the gritty reality behind this poem.

Photo by Beverly & Pack via Flickr Creative Commons. Click on it to read the moving story about Chris and his dog, Brandy.

My head is wound with hemp,
I walk in the downpour and in the gutters.
My axons – loose seaweed, a wetness hanging down –
smells of dulce, smoke and moose moccasins.
Friends… unwind this ball of twine –
rewind it onto the barrels of syringes.
Thoughts spin into red hallucinations,
unravel with increasing amounts of ecstasy.
Melancholy and paranoia keep the top spinning.
I smell the salt of the sea, clouds clear
Over the mountains, the Two Lions, twin peaks,
appear above the mist, in my synapses, momentarily.

©Sterling Haynes

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