The New York State Thruway Project’s cheeky fun

Norm Magnusson is planning more nose tweaking, this time along the New York State Thruway. I used to travel that highway when I lived in Upstate New York so I can envision the route and am tickled by the prospect.

I wrote about Norm’s I-75 Project for This Gives Me Hope. About a week ago he contacted me with news of his new project.

This time he will install ‘historical’ markers in each of the NY State Thruway’s 27 Travel Plazas. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. This is how he describes it in the video below:

I’m an artist of social conscience. I do but paintings, poster, public art projects, but mostly I’ve been doing these sculptures, sculptures that look just like historical markers, but instead of commemorating the site of a famous battle or famous person who slept here, they talk about contemporary social and political issues, issues that are important to Americans right now, issues such as gender wage disparity, income inequality, job outsourcing, TV violence, and many, many more, issues that truly are historically important, whether we realize it right now or not.

Norm has already made an enormous investment of time and gathered dozens of support letters from New York State art and political organizations. What he needs now is dollars, about $60,000 of them.

Wouldn’t you just love to pull into a Travel Plaza and find a sign that called on everyone to take responsibility for the social ills affecting the country, signs like these:

NY-Highway NY-Highway2

Take a look at his proposal to see all the signs, and head over to Kickstarter and add some dollars to the effort. Then look forward to pulling up to one of those markers and feeling smug because you helped make the project possible.

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