The Dancing Leaves

Leaves (1)
©2013 Rick Hardman

The leaves dance spontaneously.
Most are not shy in any way.
Through the window, I can faintly hear their laughter.
A few are timid though and cling firmly to the ground.
The bold ones tumble and fly as extroverts do.

There are lessons to be learned from their display.
Does it speak to you?
Nature is a school, don’t you know?
Do your homework and learn your lessons
Our very existence may depend on it.

This is Rick Hardman’s fifth poem Rick Hardman in Catching Courage. He has a rare gift for encapsulating experience in a few lines. He also wrote Trapped in a Bubble, That Old Man Hiding in My Mirror, Gossamer threads, and Hornets in my head.]

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1 comment for “The Dancing Leaves

  1. October 13, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Loved the dancing leaves, Rick

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