Cloud Woman Leaping

Cloud Woman Leaping
by Deb Maike

2014-04-24 at 19-16-31
Head back
Puffy arms flung out in joy
As she soars
Fluffy left leg extended
Right knee high and back
Over the hurdle,
A black band of rain cloud,
Rising into the dawn’s blue sky
And I have no camera
Just her image
Forever in my mind
But clouds and life are ephemeral
A brief moment and then gone
And on to the next
A break in the clouds
Comes in the shape of a heart
And reminds me of you
Who collects stone hearts
And lifts them up
Until they are free to look up
And see the clouds break
In the shape of a heart
As I look out I see
Waves crashing
On a long, sandy shore
An orange sun rising in the east
And last night we saw the Southern Cross
As we sat in the sand
Revelling in the warm air and celestial wonders
Again, today I did Qi Gong
Living the dream
And, like Cloud Woman Leaping,
I move on

Deb Maike
Byron Bay, NSW
March 9, 2011

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