Monica Lewinsky reclaims herself

The comments began even before Monica Lewinsky left the stage of the Forbes Under 30 Summit, where she gave a talk on cyberbullying. Some came to her defense, others repeated the same litany of trash talk that has followed her since her affair with then-President Bill Clinton became public. You can read a sampling of both by searching her name.

Better yet, read the transcript of her talk or watch the video of it below. The White House intern was 22 when she had an affair with a married man, who just happened to be in one of the most powerful political positions in the world. Those who say she was old enough to know better are right, but they overlook the power differential and the seduction of being singled out. They also forget the 16 years of ugly abuse Lewinsky has endured. Who better to speak out against the public pillorying of private life?

Everyone who watches Lewinsky’s talk will have an opinion. As for me, I applaud her. She has been satirized, criticized and ostracized long enough. It is time she be allowed to become known for whatever gifts she brings to the world rather than be perpetually caught in a maelstrom of blame.

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