Of dreams ended


Tree Woman’s Sorrow; photo by Cathryn Wellner


Somewhere in the beating hearts of those who read these words will be a soul stumbling through the darkness of a relationship’s ending. We all bear the scars, at some time in our lives. If we are fortunate, we have friends who carry our sorrow without needing to repair or reassure us.

What David Whyte wrote for a friend in that dark passage is balm for the spirit. By the time lovers come to the point of parting, they have already trod on the hot coals of a relationship in crisis. Reaching cool earth again does not spare them the pain of dreams ended.

As Whyte says when he introduces the poem, “The Journey”,

“And you know that somehow, no matter who you meet in your life in the future and no matter what species of happiness you will share with them, you will never, ever share those particular dreams again, with that particular tonality and coloration. And so there is a lovely and powerful form of grief there that is the ultimate in giving away but making space for another form of re-imagination.”

Thank you, David Whyte. No one has said it better.

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