How to feel old in a hurry

Photo by Activedia, via

Photo by Activedia, via

First, check the tickets

When I noticed the nine o’clock start time on the tickets, I should have taken them back. When I checked the venue’s address and saw it was on a seedy stretch of a side street, I should have known we’d raise the average age dramatically, just by walking in the door.

But, hey, this was a Delhi 2 Dublin concert. These young people are high energy and musically talented. They write songs even this oldie likes to hear.
So I bought four tickets and made plans for Robin and I to enjoy pizza at the Antico Neapolitan Pizza and a concert with good friends.

We enjoyed a glass of wine at our friends’ house, munched on delicious pizza at Antico and headed the few blocks to hear Delhi 2 Dublin. That’s when the evening took a nose dive and never recovered.

A great venue…for the young

If we were a few decades younger, we would be more appreciative of a venue like The Habitat. They bring in a lot of good talent, encourage local musicians, and offer an inviting space for young people to dance the night away.

The problem for us is that we’re not young. We’re at an age where if a ticket says a concert’s starting at nine, we arrive in time to get good seats.

We got the good seats, and then we waited. An hour later we were still waiting.

Our ages (late 60s, early 70s) attracted a fair amount of speculative attention from the sold-out crowd of 20-30 somethings. A kindly young employee came around and made sure we all had ear plugs (available free).

An ear-hammering wait

Even with the plugs, our poor ears were taking a beating from the DJ and the sound guy. I kept thinking Delhi 2 Dublin would be on soon. Our ears kept being hammered.

10:30 passed. Around 10:50 the DJ announced Delhi 2 Dublin was definitely still planning to appear on the stage. It was after eleven when they finally did. They brought the electric energy that makes them popular. But their words and music disappeared under the heart-hampering, booming bass and the mush brought on by a sound system amped up so high every song sounded the same.

We lasted through the first few songs, then grabbed our coats and beat a hasty retreat. We all live in the downtown core so cleared our heads on the walk home and were abed shortly after midnight.

Old…very old

We felt old. Very old. We’re generally heading home from a movie or concert or dinner with friends about the time the young folk in our neighbourhood head to the clubs. They and their male companions glow with youthful beauty as they flow into the downtown pubs.

Last night we got to be flies on the walls, watching the exuberant scene. The Habitat was packed with people celebrating life, letting the music flow through their limbs, revelling in their chance to cut loose. We were as out of place as if we’d entered some foreign land.

Next time

We won’t be sacrificing our hearing with any more forays into the youth zone, but it was good to have a glimpse into the party landscape our city core becomes when night falls. The crowd looked healthy and happy, and that counts for a lot.

Robin and our friends will eventually forgive me for so enthusiastically recommending the concert. Our ear-plugged ears won’t have deteriorated too much in one night.

Next time Delhi 2 Dublin comes to town and I’m tempted to go to their concert, I’ll just download some of their music and listen to it at a volume I can handle. And I’ll retell the story.

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