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Healing and thriving

One of the beavers in my life just sent me a note intended to gnaw me back down to the ground. I am in a strong, happy place in my life now so it didn’t work. Old beaver, this one’s…


Street Neighbours

Crucifix photo by Sarah Buckley, via Flickr Creative Commons

  On my walk today I came across two homeless men who touched my heart. One gave me a kick in the stereotyping patoot. As I drew near him I saw his two huge bags of cans. The bottle depot…


Taxation as storytelling

Filing My Taxes - 1040 Form; photo b PT Money (, via Flickr Creative Commons

Uncle Sam is re-writing my story, and I do not like it. Expats have many reasons for living outside the boundaries of the 50 states. Although some may want to escape taxation, most are ordinary people whose lives took unexpected…


Of dreams ended


  Somewhere in the beating hearts of those who read these words will be a soul stumbling through the darkness of a relationship’s ending. We all bear the scars, at some time in our lives. If we are fortunate, we…


The Information Highway

Bex Ross took this photo of the traffic light tree, in the middle of the roundabout near Heron Quay, Isle of Dogs; via Flickr Creative Commons

Overwhelm is spreading like a contagious disease among the bits and bytes of social networks. So when my friend and fellow writer, Sterling Haynes, sent me this poem, I laughed out loud and asked his permission to share it. The…


The homeless man and the red piano

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 3.57.43 PM

The City of Edmonton had a terrific idea for a summer project. They placed pianos in public spaces around the city, an open invitation for anyone to sit down and play. Musicians of all ages and talents answered the call…


Monica Lewinsky reclaims herself

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 4.19.04 PM

The comments began even before Monica Lewinsky left the stage of the Forbes Under 30 Summit, where she gave a talk on cyberbullying. Some came to her defense, others repeated the same litany of trash talk that has followed her…


Medusa Was a Manatee

Armitage Siren

Floating on a sullen sea without a breath of wind A searing sun beating down upon a sailor’s skin And somewhere in the distance he hears the Sirens sing Calling him, calling him, calling him … Luring sailors to the…


Cloud Woman Leaping

2014-04-24 at 19-16-31

Cloud Woman Leaping by Deb Maike Head back Puffy arms flung out in joy As she soars Fluffy left leg extended Right knee high and back Over the hurdle, A black band of rain cloud, Rising into the dawn’s blue…


A Paucity of Nouns

Question mark graffiti

The dangling particle is stretched to the limit and can be clutched in space by that illusive adverb before the noun mascarading as a verb smothers my few parts of speech left. All that remain are my adjectives. Oh, Al…


An answer in the lake


Clouds lay heavy over the lake, just at sunset. When I looked at the photograph on my computer, I realized it was like a sky sandwich, gold-tipped clouds framed by hills and sky. I liked that so posted it to…


The Dancing Leaves

Leaves (1)

©2013 Rick Hardman The leaves dance spontaneously. Most are not shy in any way. Through the window, I can faintly hear their laughter. A few are timid though and cling firmly to the ground. The bold ones tumble and fly…

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