Author: Cathryn Wellner

Miss Carlie, the guardian cat

Miss Carlie and the ducks

After I wrote about Black Boy, Glenda Palmer sent me this story about the cat who became caregiver when her parents were ailing. Guest post by Glenda Palmer Miss Carlie, our beautiful Birman cat, was a rescue kitty from the…


Falling in love with Peanut

Parents in waiting, and proud grandpa

Robin’s daughter, Michelle, called from Melbourne Friday, her voice quivering with excitement. “We got four!” she cried. We knew exactly what she meant, even before her longer explanation. She and her partner, Miriam, have been trying for months to conceive.…


Black Boy

Black Boy with one horn

I’ve been slow to post Black Boy’s story. He deserves his place here. He gave me courage when I needed it most. Despair had become a frequent visitor during a period of time when I felt as if I’d awakened…



Lava flow at Krafla, 1984

At the Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna service last Sunday, Kelly Hamilton not only read this poem to us. She printed it in the bulletin, for all of us to take home in our hands as well as in our hearts.…


Amazing Grace and Me

When my partner and I packed for an eight-month trip, we laid out everything we thought we would need for four seasons, formal occasions, casual outings, long walks, and just plain hanging out. My share would not fit in the…


What Matters Now: Free E-Book

The generosity of those who post freely to the Web has long made me feel incredibly fortunate to be living in the Internet age. Best-selling author Seth Godin has just confirmed that generosity with his e-book, What Matters Now. The…


Catching Courage

“Women, I believe, search for fellow beings who have faced similar struggles, conveyed them in ways a reader can transform into her own life, confirmed desires the reader had hardly acknowledged—desires that now seem possible. Women can catch courage from…

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