Author: Cathryn Wellner

Boot for trade

Vetnam Veterans Memorial

Sterling Haynes had a hunch I would appreciate his tanka. (That is a Japanese poem with five lines. The first and third have five syllables. The others have seven.) He was right. I appreciate because I know he spent ten…


Trapped in a Bubble


©2013 Rick Hardman I often feel as if I am trapped within a bubble. The wide world is all around me but here I am isolated and separate. It seems impossible to escape into the reality that surrounds me. Nor…


One man’s sacrifice for war

Outhouse family

Mother had told us her brother Speed (Levi Outhouse) was moving to Twin Falls. We knew he had been living in an SRO (single-room occupancy) building in Portland, Oregon. The building was being demolished. With nowhere to go, he became…


A brave death, a lasting legacy

Gloria Taylor

Gloria Taylor died today. ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, was gradually robbing her of control over her own body. She wanted to be able to choose her death should life become untenable. Along with the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, Taylor…


Re-visiting home

I’ve just come in from an evening walk along the waterfront. One of the resident great blue herons sat on a concrete embankment, contemplating his dinner prospects in the water below. Along the bridge I stopped to see if the…


Traveling with death

Robin in Port Elliot

“I hope I see you again,” she said. We stopped last night to say farewell to a couple who are high on our list of favourite people. When we said our goodbyes, Jill spoke the six words that struck me…


No prince charming

Love cards

When a friend sent this to me, I read it with increasing absorption. It moved me deeply—and does again as I post it here. We humans are complex. It is no wonder love doesn’t come in tidy packages, all predictable…


Hazards of a reading addiction

Platform reading

I’m nursing a case of acute tendonitis. It’s a first for me but not the first injury I’ve had that’s reading related. Three of them stand out, but not one of them has persuaded me to change my ways. The…

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