Author: Cathryn Wellner

My heart is a puddle

My first chance to hold Sunday. Notice her t-shirt - Tutu is my grandmother nickname for this little one

It’s an old saw, “If I’d known how much fun grandchildren would be, I’d have had them first.” In my case, things worked out that way. I’ve never had children. That’s a long story with some sad chapters, but what…



The familiar quotation is attributed to Bette Davis. The exact wording varies but is along the lines of “Old age is no place for sissies.” How right she was. As body parts reach their best-before dates, curious and unwelcome failures…



© Photographer Angelo (italia) | Agency: He’s back. One of my favourite humorous writers has sent another poem. We’re surrounded by things that beep. The irritating sound is meant to alert us to some problem or other. Here’s what…


Why blogging matters to me

Sydney fireworks

On December 30 Michael Dahl posed two questions in the title of his blog post on Speak for We: “Does blogging matter? Does it create change?” He was responding to the question David Henderson posed to himself that same day:…


Mommy Brain

Baby toes

Years as a country doctor, in Alabama and in B.C.’s central interior, gave Sterling Haynes insight into the gritty reality of his women patients. He also fathered four strong, independent, amazing daughters—who are also a reflection of his equally strong,…


The One Thing We Don’t Have


Multiple sclerosis is a thief, an autoimmune disease that breaks into the brain and spinal cord, stealing the life those of us who have—so far—escaped such chronic health inroads consider “normal”. No one writes about it more eloquently than Denise…


Down…East Hastings Street – Vancouver, B.C.

Regular visitors to Catching Courage will be familiar with the poetry of Sterling Haynes, who writes with both humour and compassion.  Anyone who has walked the grey streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will understand the gritty reality behind this poem.…

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