Animal teachers

Wild goose summer

Bonnie and her goslings

A whistling, whooshing sound sometimes punctuates our early mornings these days. It means the wildfowl population control people are doing their job, setting off sound bombs to scare nesting geese and ducks into abandoning their nests. It’s one of the…


Turkey liberation front


How this city woman ended up shoveling manure and birthing sheep is still a mystery to me. I have a hunch it’s one of those “nevers” I can’t seem to stop swearing to. You know what I mean. “I will…


Heroism in a small, fierce package

Mille Fleur hen

Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. Floods in Australia. Battles in Libya. Rising food and fuel prices. The sobering news never ends. Our brief human history is rife with human and natural disasters. So how best to live? One of…


Participating in a miracle

Limp lamb

Farming was never on my bucket list, not when I was child, not when I was a young wife, and not when a second marriage set me down on a small acreage on Vancouver Island, with no prior knowledge of…


Hanging around with a bat

This photo of a brown bat was taken by Marc Carlson on July 20, 2009 in Kendall-whittier, Tulsa, OK, US, using a Sony DSLR-A350.

Yesterday I read a story about a real “bat out of hell”. The creature terrorized Patti Digh for three days before she could get it out of her house. She kept having to dive under an ironing board when it…


Tribute to crow and cat friendship


Catching Courage readers may remember a post I wrote about a crow trying to communicate with me about a dying friend (Compassion of crows). I included a link to a video about a kitten and crow, two orphans who became…


Wildhaven rising from the ashes

Kangaroo and wombat

High temperatures. Hot winds. When they combine, as they did in Australia on February 7, 2009, whole forests of eucalyptus explode. As humans move further into bushland, they become witnesses and participants in a landscape where many cannot outrun the…


Compassion of crows

Cawing crow

My daily walk starts along the small lagoon that lies between my condominium and a lakeside beach. Whatever the weather, the watery border brightens my day. At the very least, reflections dance on the water, but usually there are also…


Hand across the distance

Kangaroo paw

[Regular Catching Courage readers will recognize Carol Mason’s name. She wrote about Jessica Mullins and sent photos of one of my favorite Australian birds, galahs. Be sure to click on the Brett Clifton link, which will introduce you to an…


Dreams and lessons


Crossroads readers will know that Carol Mason is a new friend. Our introduction is a lovely triangle. I live in British Columbia, Canada. She lives in New South Wales, Australia. A mutual friend in Western Australia introduced us. In this…

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