Attitude of gratitude

Re-visiting home


I’ve just come in from an evening walk along the waterfront. One of the resident great blue herons sat on a concrete embankment, contemplating his dinner prospects in the water below. Along the bridge I stopped to see if the…


Traveling with death

Robin in Port Elliot

“I hope I see you again,” she said. We stopped last night to say farewell to a couple who are high on our list of favourite people. When we said our goodbyes, Jill spoke the six words that struck me…


Farewell to the grandchildren


Nearly a week has passed since I wrote the first draft of this post. Today, the feelings are just as strong. The Overland train is swaying along the tracks that lead away from Melbourne. This morning we said our last,…


Connecting via Skype & Facetime

Baby Sunday

You can see the delight on Sunday’s face. Her mother, Michelle, is leaning over the iPad. Sunday is beaming because she is looking at another beloved face. Her mother, Miriam, is talking with her via Facetime. Miriam is in Melbourne,…


The Blessing of Family Noise

Popsy and the grandkids

One night in Melbourne I told Oscar (2 1/2) and Lily (4) the story of the pater familias who complained of the noise in his house. There are many versions of the folktale so I felt free to adapt it.…


My heart is a puddle

My first chance to hold Sunday. Notice her t-shirt - Tutu is my grandmother nickname for this little one

It’s an old saw, “If I’d known how much fun grandchildren would be, I’d have had them first.” In my case, things worked out that way. I’ve never had children. That’s a long story with some sad chapters, but what…


The good news is…hair grows

Wild haircut

I figured I should get my hair cut pretty short so that it would be wash-and-go for my trip to Australia. I had a coupon for a nearby hair salon and walked over this morning to get my unruly hair…


Why blogging matters to me

Sydney fireworks

On December 30 Michael Dahl posed two questions in the title of his blog post on Speak for We: “Does blogging matter? Does it create change?” He was responding to the question David Henderson posed to himself that same day:…


Mommy Brain

Baby toes

Years as a country doctor, in Alabama and in B.C.’s central interior, gave Sterling Haynes insight into the gritty reality of his women patients. He also fathered four strong, independent, amazing daughters—who are also a reflection of his equally strong,…


Birth of a miracle baby

Michelle and Sunday

On July 5th in a Melbourne hospital, a miracle slipped into the world. I know that’s true because one of her moms called me moments later to tell me I was officially “Tutu”. That’s a Hawaiian word for grandmother and…


Misogyny must end


The statistics are staggering. Around the world there are millions of victims of sexual assaults, honour killings, gender-selective abortions, date rapes, female infanticide, and misogyny* in all its manifestations. I am one of the more fortunate of my gender. I…

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