Category: Attitude of gratitude

Learning to love uncertainty

Mother had modest expectations when she encouraged me to attend church college in Lamoni, Iowa. She figured Graceland College (now one campus of Graceland University) was the best place for me to find a husband who was a member of…


In a candle’s flame

Robin and I are at an age where we are grateful for every day we wake up healthy. Body parts sag, slow, and wear out. We tire more easily than we did when we were younger. Still, each day offers…


Chosen family


At 57 I found myself on my own, trying to rebuild my shattered finances. I spent a lot of time envisioning a lonely old age, probably holed up in a shabby room somewhere. No one to play with. No one…


Remembering hope

John Robbins walked away from the Baskin-Robbins fortune ["Fresh strawberry ice cream", photo by joyosity

Relaxing my skepticism John Robbins came to Kelowna last Thursday. He filled the Kelowna Community Theatre with his message of hope. A lot of us went home feeling a little taller, a little more peaceful. In spite of his being…


Writing in the margins

It was the university years that set me on the path of writing in the margins of books and highlighting passages. At the time, it was a matter of expediency. Taking notes would have required hours of writing. Instead, I…


Go ahead—hug a stranger

Since nearly sixty million people have viewed this video, I figure I must be one of the last to discover it. With Sick Puppies singing “All the Same” to accompany the video, we watch Juan Mann holding a bit sign…


Nervous about nevers

Yarra Valley

You’d think I’d learn, particularly since the lesson has pounded me on the head repeatedly. There’s even a “law” that covers it. The basic premise of the law of attraction is that what you focus on materializes in your life,…


The kindness of strangers

Bozontee wallet

Losing a wallet is a full-time job until everything is canceled and replaced. So when Carole said she had lost her wallet in downtown Vancouver, B.C., we all gasped. Carole and husband Wayne were on a weekend getaway from their…

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