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Deep Roots


I wrote this in October 1987, while watching North Sea waves crash on the shore of Noordwijk, Holland. Yesterday I stumbled across it and decided to share it…from the perspective of my own deep roots. Love is enchanting, exhilarating, maddening,…


For all the quiet people


The Internet is a friendly place for us quiet people to hang out. We can take our time, think about what we want to say, before jumping into a conversation. Valerie Hathaway has written a poem we can tuck into…


Of dreams ended


  Somewhere in the beating hearts of those who read these words will be a soul stumbling through the darkness of a relationship’s ending. We all bear the scars, at some time in our lives. If we are fortunate, we…


The Information Highway

Bex Ross took this photo of the traffic light tree, in the middle of the roundabout near Heron Quay, Isle of Dogs; via Flickr Creative Commons

Overwhelm is spreading like a contagious disease among the bits and bytes of social networks. So when my friend and fellow writer, Sterling Haynes, sent me this poem, I laughed out loud and asked his permission to share it. The…


Medusa Was a Manatee

Armitage Siren

Floating on a sullen sea without a breath of wind A searing sun beating down upon a sailor’s skin And somewhere in the distance he hears the Sirens sing Calling him, calling him, calling him … Luring sailors to the…


Cloud Woman Leaping

2014-04-24 at 19-16-31

Cloud Woman Leaping by Deb Maike Head back Puffy arms flung out in joy As she soars Fluffy left leg extended Right knee high and back Over the hurdle, A black band of rain cloud, Rising into the dawn’s blue…


A Paucity of Nouns

Question mark graffiti

The dangling particle is stretched to the limit and can be clutched in space by that illusive adverb before the noun mascarading as a verb smothers my few parts of speech left. All that remain are my adjectives. Oh, Al…


An answer in the lake


Clouds lay heavy over the lake, just at sunset. When I looked at the photograph on my computer, I realized it was like a sky sandwich, gold-tipped clouds framed by hills and sky. I liked that so posted it to…


The Dancing Leaves

Leaves (1)

©2013 Rick Hardman The leaves dance spontaneously. Most are not shy in any way. Through the window, I can faintly hear their laughter. A few are timid though and cling firmly to the ground. The bold ones tumble and fly…


Boot for trade

Vetnam Veterans Memorial

Sterling Haynes had a hunch I would appreciate his tanka. (That is a Japanese poem with five lines. The first and third have five syllables. The others have seven.) He was right. I appreciate because I know he spent ten…


Trapped in a Bubble


©2013 Rick Hardman I often feel as if I am trapped within a bubble. The wide world is all around me but here I am isolated and separate. It seems impossible to escape into the reality that surrounds me. Nor…


That Old Man Hiding in My Mirror

Old man's hand

© 2013 Rick Hardman The glaring light from the string of bulbs above the mirror does me no favours. Apparently, I combed my hair with an egg beater this morning. But, at least I have hair, My one small victory.…

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