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The Bull Rider’s Wife

Bull Rider

During my years of owning a small ranch in the heart of British Columbia’s Cariboo country, I attended a lot of rodeos. They always troubled my soul. I couldn’t bear seeing animals goaded into being angry or afraid. Any injuries…


Under the Rainbow House


“Rainbow House,” she calls it, my rainbow friend, All colors, water reflecting back the sun. All promises of treasure, But if you follow to the end, even the color disappears. Hold too tightly           and you hold only air. She teaches…



Joyce Holm on the right

I gasped when I first read this poem. It could have been about my mother, except that she had no lover to weep for her. My mother knew something was changing long before her Alzheimer’s was diagnosed. “I’m losing my…


Sucking on Stones


© February 2001 Marilyn Raymond My water bottle is empty           as I walk through the afternoon heat And so I slide a smooth, round stone           into my mouth. Holding a river rock           inside my lips           I am suddenly shy                     and…


Baba Yaga

Bilibin's Baba Yaga

[Fans of Marilyn Raymond’s poetry will be glad to see another of her works here. Others on this site are Sunflowers, That Apple, and Sucking on Stones.] There are worlds Aristotle didn’t know           where spirit moves           where myth puts on…



Bicycle Hug

The young women in this YouTube video call their poem “Consent”. It’s a word too often used by young men who pressure their dates into “consensual” sex. Most women will understand first hand. They will remember a time their refusal…


That Apple


This poem first appeared in Sheddings, a collection of poems by members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna. It was written by an extraordinarily talented poet, one who savors every word, its sound, its feel, its texture. Marilyn Raymond is…


The Road Not Taken

White Horse Lookout trail

by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;…



Fork in path

[Two days ago, a young man plunged to his death from a balcony in the building where I live. I found his suicide deeply troubling. It cut close to the bone. Writing led me through the thicket of memories and…


Thank You

Robin and David Jarman

Sterling Haynes isn’t just one of my favorite writers. (See Narrative for Dummies and Momma Does Milk.) He also inspires other people to write. Donna Powell is one of them. She was in a poetry group he led. He asked…

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