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My Friend, JOHN*

Regular readers of this irregular blog are in for a treat with this post. Arnold Mungioli’s blog, Live The Questions Now always inspires me and often moves me to tears. Recently, he wrote about the death of Dr. John Waddell,…


One man’s sacrifice for war

Outhouse family

Mother had told us her brother Speed (Levi Outhouse) was moving to Twin Falls. We knew he had been living in an SRO (single-room occupancy) building in Portland, Oregon. The building was being demolished. With nowhere to go, he became…


A brave death, a lasting legacy

Gloria Taylor

Gloria Taylor died today. ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, was gradually robbing her of control over her own body. She wanted to be able to choose her death should life become untenable. Along with the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, Taylor…


Traveling with death

Robin in Port Elliot

“I hope I see you again,” she said. We stopped last night to say farewell to a couple who are high on our list of favourite people. When we said our goodbyes, Jill spoke the six words that struck me…


The One Thing We Don’t Have


Multiple sclerosis is a thief, an autoimmune disease that breaks into the brain and spinal cord, stealing the life those of us who have—so far—escaped such chronic health inroads consider “normal”. No one writes about it more eloquently than Denise…


Names Matter

Preparing for the first day of 5th grade, in a school new to me, I made a resolution. From that day forward I would be called by my given name. “Cathy” is a perfectly fine nickname, but I preferred the…


Reaching for the brass ring

Watching someone reaching for the brass ring always intrigues me. We can ride along comfortably and manage a reasonably satisfying life, but if we dare stretch in the direction of our riskier passions we have to leave the easy path.…


Mind rot or inspiration?

Find the idea

When I picked up the phone, the caller identified himself as being from the Seattle university that had hired me to teach a storytelling class to education students. “We overlooked something. I’m sure we know the answer so it is…

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