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With head held high

Dave Hingsburger is one of the most gifted wordsmiths I’ve ever come across. I wrote the piece below after watching him spin a magic web around a room full of Vancouver Island educators. Had I not been madly scribbling notes,…


The Baby brought me home

It was the Baby who brought me safely home. Mother tucked the tiny plaster figure into my hand before she left me alone, in a hospital bed. She couldn’t stay with me. A single mother with two young children had…


The Bull Rider’s Wife

Bull Rider

During my years of owning a small ranch in the heart of British Columbia’s Cariboo country, I attended a lot of rodeos. They always troubled my soul. I couldn’t bear seeing animals goaded into being angry or afraid. Any injuries…


Witnessing a miracle


by Lisa Bloom Regular readers of Catching Courage may remember that Lisa Bloom wrote a very thoughtful post on the nature of freedom that she agreed to let me post here. When the essay below appeared in her newsletter in…


Remembering hope

John Robbins walked away from the Baskin-Robbins fortune ["Fresh strawberry ice cream", photo by joyosity

Relaxing my skepticism John Robbins came to Kelowna last Thursday. He filled the Kelowna Community Theatre with his message of hope. A lot of us went home feeling a little taller, a little more peaceful. In spite of his being…


Tressa Prisbrey’s dream

Grandma Prisbrey

Tressa Prisbrey was sixty when she began a building project that consumed another quarter of a century. Twenty-five years of daily visits to the dump to dig up bottles. Twenty-five years of creating buildings, shrines, paths, wishing wells, and quirky…


The art of changing our lives

We are all life change artists, and we can continually, and successfully, reinvent ourselves. That’s the message of Kathleen Jordan and Fred Mandell in Becoming A Life Change Artist. I wish this book had been on my shelf when my…


The 75/25 Rule

Cathryn and trail angel

Steep trail ahead. Small group of hikers: Robin, me, a guide and two young men, all in their twenties, two more men in their late 40s. I was the only woman. Robin and I doubled the average age. I had…

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