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Why blogging matters to me

Sydney fireworks

On December 30 Michael Dahl posed two questions in the title of his blog post on Speak for We: “Does blogging matter? Does it create change?” He was responding to the question David Henderson posed to himself that same day:…


Love and acceptance

We had a cat, my mother, brother and I. She was one of many animals who paraded through my childhood. This one was special, a pure-bred Siamese. I have no memory of how we acquired such a beauty. We would…


Names Matter

Preparing for the first day of 5th grade, in a school new to me, I made a resolution. From that day forward I would be called by my given name. “Cathy” is a perfectly fine nickname, but I preferred the…


Mind rot or inspiration?

Find the idea

When I picked up the phone, the caller identified himself as being from the Seattle university that had hired me to teach a storytelling class to education students. “We overlooked something. I’m sure we know the answer so it is…


Birth of a miracle baby

Michelle and Sunday

On July 5th in a Melbourne hospital, a miracle slipped into the world. I know that’s true because one of her moms called me moments later to tell me I was officially “Tutu”. That’s a Hawaiian word for grandmother and…


Ask a question, and the right book appears

Collection of books

I have an almost magical belief in books. I expect to find guidance for whatever question or problem I’m wrestling with just by picking up the right book. And why not? I know I’m not the first person to go…

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