Category: Talismans

Street Neighbours

  On my walk today I came across two homeless men who touched my heart. One gave me a kick in the stereotyping patoot. As I drew near him I saw his two huge bags of cans. The bottle depot…


The Baby brought me home

It was the Baby who brought me safely home. Mother tucked the tiny plaster figure into my hand before she left me alone, in a hospital bed. She couldn’t stay with me. A single mother with two young children had…


The old violinist

Playing the Violin

The old man was one seat away from me in the Williams Lake, British Columbia, airport. At his side was a battered violin case. “Do you play violin or fiddle” I asked. “Both,” he said. “I entertained the troops with…


Under the Rainbow House


“Rainbow House,” she calls it, my rainbow friend, All colors, water reflecting back the sun. All promises of treasure, But if you follow to the end, even the color disappears. Hold too tightly           and you hold only air. She teaches…


Writing in the margins

It was the university years that set me on the path of writing in the margins of books and highlighting passages. At the time, it was a matter of expediency. Taking notes would have required hours of writing. Instead, I…


Facing our lions

Red Lion cover art

When the call came, I didn’t hesitate to jump in the car and drive down Interstate I-5, from Seattle, Washington, to Napa, California. My brother was in hospital once again. Something in his voice told me he needed me to…




Marilyn Raymond is one of my favorite writers, always eloquent, perceptive, thoughtful. When she shared this poem with me, I asked her permission to publish it here. I get a catch in my throat every time I read it. Marilyn…


Amazing Grace and Me

When my partner and I packed for an eight-month trip, we laid out everything we thought we would need for four seasons, formal occasions, casual outings, long walks, and just plain hanging out. My share would not fit in the…

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