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It is stories we need

Sunlit Path

Sue Monk Kidd is one of those authors whose books end too soon for me. Not because they are short but because reading them is like a deep conversation with a beloved friend. When the book ends, I say goodbye…


Tread softly on my dreams

Marino sunset

Dreams are fragile things. This poem makes me think of the many dreams people have shared with me over the years, and I with them. Inner doubts and naysayers can so easily crush them. They are the embroidered cloths of…


The only good teachers

In 1938 Barbara Ueland published what I still regard as the best book of advice for anyone feeling hesitant about or needing encouragement to pursue their dreams. If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit is…


Just in time

Akbash pup

[This is from the May 14, 2010, blog of Steve Goodier, Life Support System. It’s a wonderful blog, and Steve is a master at finding stories that inspire. You can subscribe to Life Support System to receive a regular dose…


A world of possibility

Child exploring the world

Their fleece was curly. They stood in normal sheep poses. Some grazed, some stared off into space, some lay down. One ram sniffed the back end of a ewe, testing the possibilities for starting the next generation. The field on…


Our shining souls

Many of you have sent e-mails telling me that in reading stories and poems or watching videos on Catching Courage, you hear whispers from your own souls. Those e-mails mean a lot to me. This crazy life can wear grooves…


What Matters Now: Free E-Book

The generosity of those who post freely to the Web has long made me feel incredibly fortunate to be living in the Internet age. Best-selling author Seth Godin has just confirmed that generosity with his e-book, What Matters Now. The…


Catching Courage

“Women, I believe, search for fellow beings who have faced similar struggles, conveyed them in ways a reader can transform into her own life, confirmed desires the reader had hardly acknowledged—desires that now seem possible. Women can catch courage from…

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