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Small miracles

Wahoo! I’m exhausted but flying high tonight. Why? Because I sold a lot of books today. My partner, Robin, spent the whole time with me, from 10:15, when we left home, to 3:15, when we arrived back here again. He…


Women’s Day

Covering eye art sculpture, photo by Sam Mugraby from Photos8.com

Regular readers of Catching Courage will recognize the name of this poem’s author, Marilyn Raymond. This is the sixth of her poems to appear here. The others are Sunflowers, That Apple, Baba Yaga, Sucking on Stones, and Anne. Marilyn wrote…


Making a new list


In a post on Vibrant Nation, a Web site for women over 50, DarryleP created a “list that’s the flip side of the Bucket List.” She calls it the “F**k-it List”. The popular movie of that name added “Bucket List”…


Medicine Song Woman

Brenda McIntyre

Medicine Song Woman leads me to a meditative state. That’s not easy, with this bouncing-ball mind in my head. Her music also brings back memories. I’m sitting in centuries-old cathedrals in France. Around me, believers genuflect and finger their rosaries.…


Nervous about nevers

Yarra Valley

You’d think I’d learn, particularly since the lesson has pounded me on the head repeatedly. There’s even a “law” that covers it. The basic premise of the law of attraction is that what you focus on materializes in your life,…

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