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Create your own recipes

The house reeked of garlic because I didn’t know the difference between a clove and a bulb. The mashed potatoes were a gluey mass. The chocolate cake looked like an exploded volcano, but at least it had plenty of cracks…


A Paucity of Nouns

Question mark graffiti

The dangling particle is stretched to the limit and can be clutched in space by that illusive adverb before the noun mascarading as a verb smothers my few parts of speech left. All that remain are my adjectives. Oh, Al…


Words for a younger self

Cathryn Wellner

I feel tender toward the uncertain young woman I was when my life seemed to be spinning out of control. I want to tell her things will turn out all right. She’ll survive the crashes. Sometimes she’ll soar. There will…


Vibrant at any age

Recently I had a bout of itchiness. It’s not something I’m accustomed to, particularly waking in the middle of the night wanting to scratch my skin off. I’m sure that’s what caused a weird dream about worms. They were attaching…


Women’s Day

Covering eye art sculpture, photo by Sam Mugraby from Photos8.com

Regular readers of Catching Courage will recognize the name of this poem’s author, Marilyn Raymond. This is the sixth of her poems to appear here. The others are Sunflowers, That Apple, Baba Yaga, Sucking on Stones, and Anne. Marilyn wrote…


Under the Rainbow House


“Rainbow House,” she calls it, my rainbow friend, All colors, water reflecting back the sun. All promises of treasure, But if you follow to the end, even the color disappears. Hold too tightly           and you hold only air. She teaches…


Soft wired for empathy

Work in the field of community economic development made me a fan of Jeremy Rifkin, whose ideas always challenge the status quo. His most recent book, The Empathic Civilization, challenges conventional thinking about human nature. In this animated talk, Rifkin…


That Apple


This poem first appeared in Sheddings, a collection of poems by members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna. It was written by an extraordinarily talented poet, one who savors every word, its sound, its feel, its texture. Marilyn Raymond is…


Just in time

Akbash pup

[This is from the May 14, 2010, blog of Steve Goodier, Life Support System. It’s a wonderful blog, and Steve is a master at finding stories that inspire. You can subscribe to Life Support System to receive a regular dose…


Re-visioning our stories

My thanks to Tess Healy for this quote, which comes from a book by Laurel Richardson. The story of a life is less than the actual life, because the story told is selective, partial, contextually constructed and because the life…

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